The Vilnius Jewish Community is the major democratically run Jewish community in Lithuania, representing the approximately 2,200 Jews of Vilnius (Vilna, Yiddish Vílne), constituting the vast majority of Lithuania’s current Jewish population. It is independent of government institutions, and run by a 13 member elected council.


Vilner historically was always the heart of Jewish Lithuania. Jewish culture throughout centuries migrated from east to west merging its inhabitants, providing countries with a rich foundation of growth in both trade and craft industry. Consequently developing the academic basis for scientific, artistic, and economic developments.
We at Vilner seek to cherish and rebuild local history that will not only show how the Jewish community contributed to Lithuania and its neighbors but also preserve it with the ability of further growth.

Our Vilner

As you know, one of the joys of Jewish culture is a sense of being a part of a family. We are a group of vibrant individuals each with a unique way of viewing culture, socio-economic and political issues. We come from all walks of life and together as a community board share a vast amount of experience. Connecting Judaism in Vilnius, Lithuania through generations, we hope to accomplish oneness that is so lacking in modern world.
Each member of the board has their own unique story to share as of why they dedicate their time and tremendous effort with such care and compassion for a united vision of Judaism and Jewish people in Vilnius.

If there is anything we can support you with or you just wish to talk to someone who understand you, feel free to send us an email.

Copywriter and Communications Officer,
Sonia Tolok

About us

Inside a land far away from Israel, there is a small heart of culture and history we call Vilner. We welcome you all into our warm home.

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